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The Revera and Reel Youth
Age is More Film Project

In 2013, Revera partnered with Reel Youth to create the Revera and Reel Youth Age is More Film Project. This intergenerational initiative has brought together older Canadians and youth from across the country, who have created compelling short films that touch on important social issues including ageism, changing gender roles in society and the impact of war on Canadians’ lives. 
This project has published 170 films to-date and has created life-long relationships between the older adults and the youth participants. With partnerships like Reel Youth, Revera aims to shed light on ageism, challenge the assumptions of aging and recognize the valuable contributions of older adults to society.
Thanks to Reel Youth for many of the candid photos featured on this website.

Latest videos from Revera and Reel Youth Age is More Film Project


Crowd Watching Reel Youth Videos

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Behind the Scenes of The Revera and Reel Youth Age is More Film Project

Through this process the youth and older adults have forged new intergenerational friendships. Check out this behind the scenes video to see how the films were developed and how the participants have broken down stigmas about each other to found common areas of interest.
Mother and Daughter

Did you know?

"People with internalized ageism can actually live seven-and-a-half years less..." said Tracey Gendron, Department of Gerontology, Virginia Commonwealth University.

How The Program Works

Based on the location of the program, local youth applicants are selected based on their interest in learning how to use filmmaking as a tool for social change, as well as their interest in celebrating and learning from the lives of older adults.
The youth are then paired with residents at a local Revera retirement community that are interested in participating in the project. 

Guided by professional filmmakers from Reel Youth, each pair creates a three-minute film that spotlights the resident. The films are then edited and finalized for a red carpet gala where the youth and seniors showcase their films to friends, family and other guests.

All films can be found on our YouTube channel and

How The Age Is More Program Works


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