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Are you age aware?

Quiz: Are you age aware?

Ageism in Canada is more widespread than people may think. Did you know that six in ten Canadians over the age of 66 say they have been treated unfairly or differently because of their age? Find out if you are age aware or age averse by taking this simple quiz.


1. When referring to people over the age of 75, what term do you use?


2. How would you complete this sentence? Old age means...


3. Which statement below most closely matches the type of interactions you have with people over the age of 75, other than your parents or grandparents?


4. When you think of people over the age of 75, how would you typically describe them?


5. Choose the response that most closely resembles how you would react in the following scenario.

You’re chatting with your mother or grandmother on the phone and she mentions that she’s feeling under the weather but it’s nothing serious, you…

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